Come help us build The Community and work with our great team. 
As well as giving, you will learn from the rewarding friendships of your fellow volunteers and clientele old and young.  Become A:

Our Volunteers:

YF is deeply grateful to our generous and talented team of volunteers who enrich our programmes in ways too numerous to mention. From our hearts to yours, Thank You!


  • Marina Dumas        
  • Jerry Kalloo
  • Eulyn Drayton
  • Mona Beache
  • Yvonne Pech
  • Margaret Price
  • Pat barrow-Smart
  • Su Mason
  • Irene Murray-Prince
  • Ismay Phillips
  • Dawne Nora
  • Sybil Rock
  • Marion Guerra 
  • Carol Quashie
  • Ieola Murray- Bakr

Volunteers will be asked to do a maximum of 2-3 hrs a week.  We offer many ways for you to be a participant in your Community, as never before. Together, growing in strength.