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Homework Hurricane

Head for us after school to get homework supervised​

Wisdom Ways

Seniors sharing spiritual and cultural traditions​

Teen Support

Join other teens in this safe and fun forum​

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Enviro Project

Care for our environment. Connect, Preserve, Restore!!!

Culture Club

Expressions of Music, Dance, Drama etc

Juniors Programme

Holistic After School Programme

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Take some time and meet the board?

Take some time and meet the team?


What Our Supporters Say:

Wow! Amazing work.. I think Madame President would be grateful for your contribution to our world!!
These children are amazing and the job they do to keep your beautiful island clean and healthy. I visited the foundation when I was over last year, amazing....!! You should all be very proud of yourselves for the work you do.
Yahweh youths rock!!! I am proud of you all for making a REAL difference in your immediate environment ... truly making TOBAGO an awesome example of environmental healing and beautifying. You are also teaching other children how to care for and respect Mother Nature! WOW!

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