"We Build Relationships That Transform Lives"

The FOUNDATION is a non-Governmental, non-denominational, non-profit organisation established in Trinidad & Tobago by legal incorporation on 20th July 2011 and by spiritual invocation on 20th May 2012.

It is a voluntary undertaking by a group of dedicated private citizens who come from a blend of diverse backgrounds, experience, interests, and vision.

Our Mission Statement

“To help young people flourish and elderly thrive, with quality-based, professional, educational, social, and spiritual support offered by the elders in our communities in Tobago”

Our Purpose

To bring to life the concept of ‘being our brothers keeper’ by being of service to the vulnerable – enhancing their opportunities to experience and enjoy a sense of family. To encourage the building of inter-generational relationships that are mutually enriching.

The inspiration and seed-funding for YAHWEH FOUNDATION are gifts from the lives and work of the Founder’s parents:
  • Dr Ada Date-Camps (MD), whose qualities of concern, care, and commitment, remain influential; and
  • Dr Beville Camps (DDS), whose work ethic, resourcefulness, and keen sense of responsibility, continue to be instructive.”
Penny Camps – Founder