Seniors Programme

Twice a week Yahweh Foundation volunteers facilitate life-enriching activities our cohort of seniors, age range 65 to 97, covering a wide range of activities such as exercise and health education, wisdom-sharing, entertainment, excursions and care of the environment. Our Seniors Programme is driven by a formidable team of volunteers led by Shirma Marcelle-Henry and Marina Dumas.  

YF is deeply indebted to the generous contributions of Mona, Eulyn, Yvonne, Pat, Margaret, Dawne, Irene, Ieola, Sybil, Ismay, Marion and Carol.


Our Seniors:

  • Pearlina Henry
  • Willie Turner
  • Faith Solomon
  • Geraldine Emery
  • Sonny Murray
  • Shirley Leith
  • Theresa Duncan
  • Henrietta Elder-Thomas
  • Edwina Joseph
  • Vince Learmont
  • Louise Roberts
  • Bernice St.Hillare
  • Heather Caruth
  • Mary Dean
  • Verlyn Archer-Hall
  • Victoria Kent
  • Claudette Ottley
  • Josephine Jones
  • Gwyneth Armstrong
  • Mariano Chow
  • Earl Brereton
  • Dolores De Verteuil
  • Janice Neptune
  • Errol Thomas