Board Members personal views on why they support the Foundation

Penny Camps:

“YAHWEH moved us first to establish the Foundation, then the Foundation moved us to unremitting service in the Community. St Paul wrote to the Corinthians some 2,000 years ago: ‘There are all sorts of service to be done, but always to the same Lord, working in all sorts of different ways in different people’.”

Richard Crichlow:

“YAHWEH FOUNDATION’s teamsmanship resonates perfectly with all levels in our Community, laying down excellent foundation for strong social-building.”

Ramon Marks:

“YAHWEH FOUNDATION is particularly special because of its universal perspective, its global validity, and its Tobago rootedness. Its ‘sproutedness’ is urgently useful for communities of people everywhere working on their self-development, and simply needing support.”

Dr. Levis Guy-Obiakor

“YAHWEH FOUNDATION’s main appeal for me is its non-ostentatious commitment to meaningful community service - proactively, as it is not waiting for ‘disasters’—using well-developed administrative structures and systems.”

Mr. Peter Brimacombe:

“YAHWEH FOUNDATION is a group of really good people doing important work without reward, to improve the lives of those in Tobago. It's a privilege to be associated with them.”

Dr. Helene Marceau-Crooks:

“I share YAHWEH FOUNDATION’s Vision wholeheartedly, as I believe that if a quiet faith in God can move mountains, it surely can lift communities.”

Wendy Yawching

“I can appreciate reaching for heights, especially when it is by the noble tasks of community service for our generations. Additionally…YF welcomes all aboard.”

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