Our Activities

Come join us as as we embark on our quest to transform our beloved Tobago's environment ....one community at a time starting with our home base BUCCOO VILLAGE and environs .

Our Enviro- project aims are reflected in the project's name : Connect , Preserve , Restore !!! .....We call it CPR.


CARE for our environment and KINDNESS to one another underscore all that we do as we strive to live what it means to be our brother's keeper in all the places and spaces to which we belong.


TOGETHER we engage in the joys of inter- generational connections and do lots of fun things that light up our lives.


OUR unique hallmarks

We are           - Yahweh purposed and powered.

We provide   - After -school homework and literacy support

We offer a     - Holistic body, mind, & spirit approach .

We honor     - Wisdom of the Elders

We focus on - Environmental care & protection.

We nurture  - Health and well-being